Various illustrations / kunstloc brabant

As an illustrator I make work for Kunstloc Brabant and their online platform for culture and art in Brabant, MESTmag.

For Kunstloc Brabant’s annual magazine, KunstKracht, I made four illustrations. About art and education, art and the climate, art and our health, and art for everyone. Read the magazine here.

Illustrations for an article about loneliness and how art and culture can be of help. Read it here!

Illustrations for a campaign about the provincial elections, with the goal of showing policymakers the importance of culture and art. Check it here and here!

Illusrations for an article about gender neutrality in the arts and culture sector. Read it here!

For MESTmag I illustrated for an article about algorithms. Algorithms predict what you want to see at that moment (based on your previous data) but this can also be used for advertising purposes, because of the acceptance of cookies everywhere. It can also categorize you, because they determine for you what they think you want to see. Read the article here.